We Care About Your Rights under Michigan Auto-No Fault Law

Michigan residents enjoy a unique health care benefit as part of the auto insurance coverage in this state, and we believe this is a model for the nation.

Health Partners works hard as a consumer advocate to protect against attempts by insurance companies to reduce the coverage available under Michigan Auto No-Fault insurance law. In fact, we’re so passionate about this system that we are one of the founding members of the NeuroTrauma Association, an advocacy organization with the singular goal of spreading the lifetime coverage model to other states.

John Gwynne Prosser II, Vice President of Health Partners, Inc, also serves as the President of the NeuroTrauma Association. He is active with the legislature and media both in Michigan and in other states, and spends much of his time advocating for this system. John encourages everyone to learn about their benefits, or lack thereof, and to take action. By becoming an informed advocate of this law and educating your legislators, friends, family, and local media, you can make a difference in the outcome of this important cause.

John Gwynne Prosser II also authored the book, “The Educated Consumers Guide to No-Fault Automobile Insurance”. You can purchase this book at

Medical Bills are the No. 1 Cause of Bankruptcy

John Prosser II talks about a Harvard research study which states that unpaid medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy.

Status Update on Lawsuit to Reveal MCCA Data

The Insurance Coalition is remaining strong in their desire to keep the MCCA books closed.

John Prosser II Gives Mitch Albom a No-Fault Update (3/06/13)

John Prosser II discusses the current status of the Ingham County lawsuit as well as the BIA Legacy Dinner.
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