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Health Partners is a proud member of the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN) and the Brain Injury Association of Michigan (BIAMI). We work diligently with these organizations to protect, preserve, and where possible, strengthen the unique no-fault care system in Michigan. We have brought the issue to the attention of many including local celebrity, author, and philanthropist Mitch Albom who continues to advocate for the cause, having met many accident survivors himself.

Michigan drivers have enjoyed the lifetime coverage available under their no-fault auto insurance for 40 years, yet many people are unaware of the depth of benefit they already pay for. Many of us don’t consider what’s covered, limited, or outright excluded under our policies until we have an accident. Health Partners is proud to help educate Michigan drivers, their families, and their elected officials on why we believe this is the best coverage in the nation. We encourage you to learn more about your benefits and what you can do to help protect against industry proposals to limit them.

Medical Coverage is Not Causing High Auto Insurance Premiums in Michigan

A downloadable inforgraphic explains that medical coverage is not the cause of higher insurance premiums in Michigan.

What’s Really Driving No-Fault Premiums

What’s Really Driving No Fault Premiums
By John Prosser III

Seemingly every year the topic of reforming Michigan’s unique no-fault automobile insurance system comes up. The approaches to reform are varied, but the primary cause for conversation has remained the same: some drivers around the state pay as much as $3,000-5,000 a year for their auto insurance.

“Just look at Ohio,” some will say. “They only pay $900 on average.”

According to the most recent report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) published January 2017, the national average for auto insurance, regardless of what it covers or how it operates, is $982 per vehicle.

In the 38 states that operate on a tort system, your insurance will pay to repair your car, the damage you cause with it, and give you some protection in the case that you cause an accident, are sued, and owe another driver damages. In tort states you also have to wait for your lawsuit to resolve before you really can start therapy, unless you have enough savings to pay out of pocket.

In 12 other states there is some form of no-fault coverage, where drivers are able to file claims against their own insurance policy, but 11 of those states have caps on that coverage. New Jersey has the second highest coverage limit, with $250,000 in coverage, while Michigan leads the pack with no predetermined limit.

Understanding House Bill 4752: What you Need to Know Now

There’s been a lot of talk in the media about various initiatives in Lansing to address the future of Michigan’s Auto No-Fault law. Especially prominent is House Bill 4752. This bill calls for transparency and full disclosure by the MCCA – which is the entity that manages the $20 million fund that pays for medical care when drivers fall victim to catastrophic injury due to car crashes.

In an interview with Steve Gruber on The Steve Gruber Show (1240 WJIM), John Prosser II explains what’s happening in Lansing with this and other important initiatives that impact the fate of Auto No-Fault benefits for Michigan Drivers.

What Would Senate Bill 288 (S-3) D-Insurance Mean to Real People

D-Insurance would severely limit medical benefits coverage in hopes that insurers might lower premium charges. Mayor Duggan and others pushing for this proposal have pointed to other states and said that if this were to pass, people would still have one of the highest benefit levels in the country. While this may be true, it’s important to look at what occurs in the other states following a catastrophic car accident.

Straight-Talk about the Facts, Figures and the Fight to Protect Michigan’s Auto No-Fault Law, with Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom Talks to the Leaders of Michigan’s Brain Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation Community at the 35th Annual Conference of the Brain Injury Association.
In a live broadcast from the event, Mitch Albom holds a lively discussion with the leaders, stakeholders and the community about the unique benefits and advantages of Michigan’s Auto No-Fault law. 
Listen in to hear why Michiganders need to protect this unique program and hear about why the insurance companies want to take it away.

Mitch Albom Speaks to Sophia Bong of STAR Rehab and the Guiding STAR Foundation

Sophia Bong, CEO of STAR Rehab and founder of the Guiding STAR Foundation, joins the Mitch Albom Show to discuss the differences she sees in treating clients who have different types of insurance.

Press Conference: Key Public Officials Say NO to Auto No-Fault Reform

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson presents a unified opposition against Michigan Auto No-Fault reform; calling the proposed legislation, "A pro-insurance industry, anti-victim piece of legislation".

In his comments, Mr. Patterson says that the 17 billion dollar fund, which was created by drivers and is used for caring for victims of catastrophic auto accidents, is sustainable and growing.

He articulates specific problems with the proposed legislation and suggests that it was written only in the interest of insurance companies.

Wayne Co. Executive Robert Ficano, Macomb Co. Executive Mark Hackel and Thomas Stallworth III representing the Detroit caucus, were also present; as were members of CPAN and representatives from the health care sector.

John Prosser II Radio Appearance on what No-Fault Insurance Means to The People

Featuring John Prosser, Vice President Health Partners Inc.

Inside Macomb Part 2 of 2 Guest Host: John Prosser II, Health Partners

Featuring Mark O’Halla, President and CEO, Mt. Clemens Regional Medical Center John Cornack, President, Eisenhower Center, President of the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN)

Inside Macomb Part 1 of 2 Guest Host: John Prosser II, Health Partners

Featuring Mark O’Halla, President and CEO, Mt. Clemens Regional Medical Center John Cornack, President, Eisenhower Center, President of the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN)

Lively Town Hall Discussion Uncovers the Issues around MI Auto-No Fault Reform

Larry Ruehlen, Staff Writer for HomeTownLife.com reports on the continued debate over Michigan's Auto-No Fault reform in this article, "No Fault Insurance Debate Rages On".  His story, which effectively illuminates both sides of the argument, centered on a panel discussion that was held at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit and was organized by state Rep. Phil Cavanagh, D-Redford Township.  The discussion lasted over 2 hours.

The article quoted Melvin “Butch” Hollowell, NAACP general counsel, as saying, “It’s not like accidents won’t still happen,” he said. “They will, but once the $1 million cap is reached and the victim is broke, the costs will be switched over to the Medicare system.”

Click "more" to access a PDF download of the entire article.


Prosser Talks with Mitch Albom about the Impact of Auto No-Fault Legislation

Listen and learn how insurance companies are hoping to convince you that a savings of 33 cents per day is worth the financial livelihoods and even the lives of many Michiganders.

Mitch Albom Supports Michigan Auto No-Fault

Mitch Albom thanks Health Partners, CPAN, and the BIA for their continued efforts in saving Michigan's comprehensive auto no-fault model.

Mitch Albom PSA

Mitch Albom asks you to consider what if a catastrophic auto accident happened to you.

CPAN Analysis of MCCA Finances

CPAN issues a summary of the findings of Birny Birnbaum, former chief economist at the Texas Department of Insurance.
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