Press Release posted on October 29, 2015
Over four months ago, House Bill 4752 was introduced by State Representative Derek Miller (D-Warren) in an effort to require full transparency from the MCCA - the entity in charge of the fund created by Michigan Drivers to provide care to those catastrophically injured in car accidents. The fund, which began in 1978, is valued at approximately $20 billion today.

The bill is supported by many in our legislature – it has 54 co-sponsors. But like many recent actions regarding Michigan's Auto No-Fault law, this bill has yet to be acted upon.

State Representative Derek Miller (D-Warren), who introduced the HB 4752, says, "The MCCA determines a fee that is added to every auto insurance bill each year and is then used to pay for the care of catastrophically injured victims of car crashes." He continues, "However, no one knows exactly how the public funds are managed, or, most importantly, how it determines the yearly fee charged to vehicle owners."

HB4752 still sits waiting to be taken up by Michigan's House of Representatives, along with 7 other bills aimed at finding solutions to control costs for Michigan drivers. 

Miller and others feel that the public has a right to know how their fund is being managed. Advocates to protect Auto No-Fault call for Michigan drivers to contact their representatives and urge them to take action on HB4752 and the other bills that languish in the house.

To contact your representative, click here.
To learn more about HB4752, click here.

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